Orix Hf Advantage

Accurate, reliable and ergonomic Orix HF Advantage is the new Ardet's high frequency x-ray generator designed to provide user friendly operational functions, the best performance and the longest lifetime.

Innovative design solutions and advanced technologies combine to provide dentistry professionals an highly accurate and reliable instrument.

Developed by Orix 70 manufacturers, standard unit in terms of quality and reliability in conventional technology, Orix HF Advantage exploits the high frequency constant potential technology to grant short exposures, a significant dose reduction for the patient and sharp, repeatable, high quality radiographic images.


Compact and easy to use, for a quick and safe diagnosis !


Designed to offer user friendly operating functions with a glance to an attractive look!


Maximum accuracy during exposures, perfect image quality!

Electrical features Tubehead features
Power supply 120-230 V ± 10% Total filtration > 2 mm Al eq.
Frequency 50/60 Hz Min. focus skin distance 200 mm
Current 2,5 A ( 230 V~) Irradiated Area @ 200 mm Ø 55 mm
X-ray tube features Leakage @ 1 m < 0,25 mGy/h
X-ray tube CEI OX 70/P Radiological features
Focal spot 0,8 mm High voltage 60 -65 -70 kVp
Anode material Tungsten Anodic current 7 mA
Mechanical features Exposure time 0,01 -2,00 s
Extension arm 500 - 900 mm Duty cycle 1:60
Max. extension 1980 mm Control logic Dead man

    Thanks to a small focal spot, Orix HF Advantage produces superior quality images whether you are using films, phosphor plates or digital sensors.

    Details are sharper and more defined so that it is easier to spot even the smallest differences for a quicker identification of pathologies .

    The low weight of the head and its flexibility make of Orix HF Advantage an highly versatile X-ray machine.

    The boundary radiation system of the beam provides a focal distance of 20 cm. but it is embedded in the structure of the tubehead, enhancing the compactness of the unit.

    Orix HF Advantage is available as stand fixed, stand mobile and wall mount with horizontal arms of 50 or 90 cm to cover a variable distance from 1,65 m. to 1,98 m. Orix HF Advantage units, are managed by the new Ardet's timer, that with its simple and intuitive controls and its large screen, display clearly all technical information providing a precious help in every situation with the highest patient' health safety standard.

    With Orix HF Advantage unit it is possible to use either the short cone (20 cm) imaging technique or the long cone (30 cm) imaging technique.

    In addition, you can adjust the cone with a further rectangular collimator to maximize radiation safety.

    The unit arms in extruded aluminum are light and solid and make the unit extremely stable and secure, assuring a precise linear movement that can reduce the risk of vibration of the head during image acquisition.