Orix 70 New Edition

Orix 70 New Edition is an intraoral X-ray machine studied in every detail capable of perfectly combine performance, reliability, efficiency, ease o fuse, ergonomics and design.

Besides creating images with an excellent resolution and en elevated contrast, Orix 70 New Edition is strong and reliable, intended to serve for many years the demands of the dental cabinet as already testified by previous Ardet models.

The X-ray tube characterized by a focal spot of small dimensions and with a grid control, aids the emission stabilization under even the most unfavorable conditions, getting an high image definition.

According to 93/42 EC and 2007/47 EC , all the components are subjected to rigid controls during the various phases of the production to guarantee reliability and performances in time!


Maximum accuracy during exposures, perfect image quality!


Compact and easy to use, for a quick and safe diagnosis!


Designed to offer user friendly operating functions with a glance to an attractive look!

Electrical features Tubehead features
Power supply 230 V ± 10% Total filtration > 2 mm Al eq.
Frequency 50 Hz Min. focus skin distance 200 mm
Current 5 A Irradiated Area@ 200 mm Ø 55 mm
X-ray tube features Leakage @ 1 m < 0,25 mGy/h
X-ray tube CEI OCX 65 G Radiological features
Focal spot 0,8 mm High voltage 70 kVp
Anode material Tungsten Anodic current 8 mA
Mechanical features Exposure time 0,04 -2,00 s
Extension arm 500 - 900 mm Duty cycle 1:60
Max. estension 1980 mm Control logic Deadman

    The high tension of 70 kV, the X-ray tube grid type with small focal spot together with the Ardet X-ray controls with centesimal exposure time regulation, allow to work either with films, phosphor plates or the modern digital systems.

    The operator interface includes all the controls and the led indicators of the activated settings. The panel is intuitive as a result of its especially developed graphic design. Operating modes: Manual mode with unrestricted ex position time configuration Anatomy mode applying stored settings depending on patient’s size, receptor, kind of tooth, etc.

    The automatic selection of exposure times, set by the microprocessor as a function of the tooth, the size of the patient and the sensitiveness of the X-ray film can subsequently be modified through manual buttons to better adjust the density of the film according to the particular demands of the operator.

    In digital selection, the X-ray control is set to operate in combinations with the modern digital systems with a reduction of the exposure time of approximately 80%.

    The mechanical structure of the system in aluminum extruded, combines modern and alluring shape to the lightness and strength of the material, that well introduce itself in furnishing the modern dental cabinet.

    Excellent maneuverability and stability, extensive vertical and horizontal scope grant an easy positioning without vibrations in all situations. The unit is available as stand fixed to the floor, stand mobile or wall mount .